Voter Registration

Eligible Voters

  • A United States citizen and at least 18 years of age on Election Day
  • A resident of Sun Prairie for at least 10 days prior to an election

How to Register to Vote

You can register to vote up until the Friday before the election or on Election Day. You must reside at your address for 10 consecutive days to be eligible to vote, you may no longer use a corroborating witness as proof of residence. Acceptable proof of residence is required when registering. Forms that constitute acceptable Proof-of-Residence can be found on the Wisconsin Election Commission website.

Registered at a Different Address / Changed Name

A new registration form needs to be completed in the City of Sun Prairie. You will be asked to fill out Form EL-131 so that your prior registration can be cancelled and your voter history transferred to the new address or name in the City of Sun Prairie.

Visit My Vote Wisconsin to register for the first time or for address/name changes. Please bring proof of your new name or address as well as sending in a copy of your Proof of Identity.


Call the Clerk's Office at 608-837-2511 or email us. Visit the Wisconsin Election Commissions website for more information.