Museum Services

Research Assistance
The Sun Prairie Historical Library and Museum offers many services. Click on any of the services listed under this section and see how we can help with your family or historical research project, among other services.
  1. Archival Collections

    The museum maintains and preserves extensive document and photograph collections on Sun Prairie, it's people and the residents of the surrounding area.

  2. Museum Discoveries

    Explore our thought-provoking exhibits, which are constantly changing.

  3. Museum Tours

    Tours of the museum are available during operating hours.

  4. Online Death Listing

    The Death List is one of the most popular downloads on the city's entire website.

  5. Preservation of Artifacts

    The museum has contacts with several organizations that work on preservation.

  6. Records of Homes & Stores

    The museum has property tax records for Sun Prairie that extend back to 1868.