Training Campus

The Sun Prairie Volunteer Fire Department operates a training facility which is located on the grounds of Angell Park Speedway. The facility consists of several buildings. We are constantly adding new features in order to provide our firefighters with the best possible training experience.
The training facility used by the Fire Department
Training Houses
We have 3 full houses complete with basements. One house is set up for Public Education with plans to utilize it for school and youth groups. The 2nd house is set up for search and rescue and general training. The 3rd is designed for Rapid Intervention Team (RIT) training. The RIT team is a group of firefighters whose sole job on a fire scene is to rescue a downed, injured, or lost firefighter.
Burn Tower
This is our burn tower designed for practicing indoor firefighting. The entire facility is equipped with "dummy" fire hydrants for hydrant hook-up training.

The tower was donated to the SPVFD by Fire Facilities.
The burn tower located at the Fire Department's training facility