Refuse & Recycle

  1. Refuse & Recycle Information Basics

    Our community is proud of our refuse and recycle program. Recycling is the 1 hands-on environmental activity that we can take part in regularly, since we all face choices several times each day about what goes in our refuse cart.

  2. Refuse / Garbage

    Find out about the requirements for refuse / garbage pick up, including collections of bulk items (furniture, carpet, lumber, etc.). For collection of bulk items call Pellitteri Waste Systems at 608-257-4285. For collections at apartment complexes, please check with your apartment manager for correct collection procedures.

  3. Recycling

    Get information regarding the recycling pick up requirements.

  4. Recycle Center Information, Hours & Application

    The city Recycle Center, located at 1798 South Bird Street, accepts materials that are not collected curbside. The facility is available for use by City of Sun Prairie residents receiving city-sponsored automated curbside refuse / recycle collections.

  5. Refuse & Recycle Guide

  6. Collection Schedules

    Get information regarding the collections taken by the city.

  7. Cart Wash Events

    Bi-annually the City of Sun Prairie Public Works hosts a free refuse and recycle collection cart wash for residents who receive city-sponsored collections.

  8. Paper Shredding in Dane County

    Find out where you can get paper professionally and confidentially shredded.

  9. Hazardous Household Waste Disposal

    Household Hazard Wastes can be taken to and disposed of at Clean Sweep in Madison.

  10. Medication & Sharps Disposal

    Do you have old medications that have expired or are no longer being used? A permanent MedDrop is now available in the lobby of the Police Department.

  11. "Please Keep Carts Out of Street" Tags

    Find out what to do if you find these tags on your cart or notice them around your neighborhood.

  12. Electronic and Appliance Collections

    This event will be sponsored by the City and take place at the Recycle Center. The contractor will collect electronics and appliances with Freon. There are charges for some items, please see the brochure for additional information.