Lower Fares for Income Eligible

Residents who qualify will receive reduced rates. Eligible residents will be given an identification card that must be presented to the taxi driver each time they use the cab. They pay the fare directly to the driver.

Reduced Fares

  • Senior / Disabled in-city - $2 per ride
  • Adult in-city - $2 per ride
  • Youth under 6 in-city - $2 per ride
  • Youth (6 to 11 yrs.) in-city - $2 per ride
  • Youth (12 to 18 yrs.) in-city - $2 per ride
To apply to participate in the program, pick up an application at City Hall or call 608-825-1173, or download it (PDF). The program has limited funding and operates on a first-come, first-served basis.

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