New Residents

  1. Building a New Home

    As daunting tasks go, building a new 1 or 2 family home is certainly up there on the list. Permitting is the 1st official step and can be one of the more confusing ones. The City of Sun Prairie would like to try and make this portion of the process a little less stressful.

  2. Renovating Your Home

  3. Utility Service

    Sun Prairie electric and water utility serves more than 14,000 customers.

  4. Dog Licensing

    Licensing your dog is a good way to show that you care for your pet. Dogs that are licensed are guaranteed to be free of rabies.

  5. Mailbox Placement Guidelines

    Snowplow operators try very hard to avoid mailboxes when plowing streets. However, weak posts or support brackets, rusted mailbox components and improperly placed mailboxes could result in damage.